Journal Time: Treat yourself

I’m writing this because my planning went out the window, in reality, my planning never existed. What to share under Journal Time when I’ve already shared all the books I use…and a few I’m not starting again once the current ones are filled.

Yup, you need to be willing to cut out what no longer works for you, but I’ll save those decisions for a future post. I’m more interested in sharing with you a notebook I like and I’m using for my journal writing…recording. NOPE, just realized I have my yearly diary I want to share with you!

It’s full name on Amazon is:

Clever Fox Self-Care Journal – Wellness & Daily Reflection Notebook – Mental Health & Personal Development Journal – Self Care Planner, Meditation & Mood Journal – Pocket Size (Forest Green)

After a week of using it, I love it. And each evening questions are different than the night before. The only thing I’ve had to change, my habit, is start its week on the Sunday as there’s a Sunday recap of the week and so far each week has a different question-like page.