What I learned from…cancer

I’m stronger than I thought. Our bodies are fragile and flexible and wondrously durable. We are a well-oiled machine whether we use the cheapest of fuels or the premium.

We walk a balancing lifeline of interconnecting warring systems.

And enough of that word play. When I stop and think about what my body went through – brought me through – I’m amazed. Yes, my medical team’s care and knowledge did quite a bit, too. Medical science did a lot. However, my body didn’t quit.

My heart had a poison pumped directly above it and then pushed that material through the whole of my being. Chemo, a poison which killed cells that were mine – fought against and with my body to stay alive.

I was told I had a good attitude, honestly right now I think my consciousness simply took a step back and allowed the rest of me to go do what it needed…wanted, as I had no idea.

I didn’t even know I was doing that.

What I learned – we don’t know everything and sometimes we have to get it out of the way.