Youth/YA: What are the ages?

Lea, this one might be for you. Everyone, it’s an inside joke.

For what age group would Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys fit today, in 2024?

Ten years ago my 12 year-old found them boring and I admit to seeing them aimed at even younger years than when I read them. The characters are 17 and 18, dating, popular with friends, having part-time jobs with their fathers, and generally, if I’m honest more 15, 16, maybe 17. Definitely not going away to college or university age.

They could have been friends with Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five gang. But, not in the age group of the Scooby Doo group…the Scooby gang, maybe.  Oh, and I think the 90210 gang would have made them blush.

Is Trixie Beldon still around? Never realized how young she was until I re-read them when my daughter was much younger.

Bobbsey Twins? However, I never read their books, somehow I imaged them with the see Dick and Jane duo.

And, I’ve gone way off track (and I wasn’t sure what my track was when I started). I believe all I’ve proven is the need to read the current genres I have stories for in the age group I thought mine would be for.

My gut tells me I’m in for that expected shock.