My Writer’s Resolutions

I never make resolutions simply because I believe in change. The changing of my mind and my goals. This year I know I want more from my writing…from me. I want my writing to flourish. I want my creative side to expand from my writing to those areas I treasured before I became critical of my expressive nature.

I stumbled into my writing dream while discovering the person I am. I stopped hiding from myself years ago, now it is time to stop hiding – period.

It is time to stop fearing success.

6 thoughts on “My Writer’s Resolutions”

  1. Chris,

    When my kids were growing up I had list of catagories for goals that I wanted to reach during that year – family, spiritual, professional, etc. In years since then, I’ve lightened up but still set goals. I’ve learned that as long as I’m progressing toward that goal, I haven’t failed and that some things take less time or more time than I thought they would. I learned to extend things on my list to the next year if I’m not finished yet.

    I always enjoy sharing mine and seeing others. Of course they always include reading and writing. Best of luck in 2009.

  2. Chris: I have no doubt you will be able to reach whatever goals you set for yourself! I don’t use the word resolution–but goals I do. They seem much more achievable 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone. I still can’t keep resolutions and wonder why others can and why they put that pressure on themselves 🙂

    But goals, those I can work towards because, as with life, they change as needed.

    Happy New Year

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