The Perfect Word

How many have tried to find the perfect word when the one word they keep using is already the perfect word?

I swear I have driven myself crazy looking up words to express – enjoy, intrigue, liked, entertained – all so I don’t repeat these words in every review I write. Maybe I have a limited vocabulary or maybe it’s that some words are just the best word.

I have used my Thesaurus (I think I’m having an affair with it some days) but still no other word jumps out to give the feeling I desire.

Here are samples of the other words I could employ for my favourite – enjoy:

– adore
– appreciate
– be entertained
– be fond of
– delight in
– fancy
– like
– luxuriate in

Okay, how many of us have ever “luxuriate in” a book? I can appreciate a writer’s work. I “fancy” certain authors…but then I sound like a nutcase to those who know me. I have yet to ‘adore’ a book or author, puppies and kittens, yes, a book, not quite.

I will admit I can be contrary in my word choices. I find typing ‘said’ over and over in my fiction to be tedious and I have developed a dislike/hate relationship with that word. So imagine my confusion when learning that most people rarely see ‘said’ when reading. That it is considered an invisible word. Sure, there are better ways to enhance how something is said and to move the story through, but sometimes the simple straightforward word is still the best word.

So, I keep coming back to – enjoy, intrigue, like, entertain.

What’s your favour…oops…overus…oops…perfect word?

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Word”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Interesting article. I hate using “said” all the time. I would much prefer the more descriptive words, snarled, screamed, growled
    etc. Much more dramatic in my humble opinion.

  2. Thank you. I had just spent a week writing reviews and my head was spinning with trying to find new words.

    I am learning, slowly, how to use less ‘said’ and more action 🙂

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